My Story

I grew up in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan and went to Michigan Tech for my undergraduate degree. When I started college, I began coursework to become an environmental engineer, but I felt more drawn to the outdoors and the natural sciences and completed my BS in Applied Ecology and Environmental Science. I pursued a career in wildland fire which took me all over the country and required me to move my family numerous times. Through our multiple home-buying experiences, I became interested in the home inspection process. Some inspectors were extremely thorough, and some appeared to ignore or miss problems that were obvious to me. Why was there so much variability in this process? Given my background in engineering and my interest in home improvement, I knew I could do better. My family settled in Columbia, MO and I made the decision to change careers and become a home inspector. I completed training through American Home Inspection Training (AHIT), became an Associate Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), and now I am looking forward to many years of serving Mid-Missouri.